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When you’re facing the Worcester, MA, court system, don’t try to litigate your case alone. Facing a judge is stressful under the best circumstances, but that stress can double when you’re trying to take on your criminal, immigration or family law issue by yourself. Our expert attorneys at the Law Offices of Catherine M. Gallagher have the experience you need to aggressively litigate any Worcester, MA, court case you have.

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For approximately 10 years, the Law Offices of Catherine M. Gallagher has been creating open and honest connections with clients. We care about your Worcester, Massachusetts court case and helping you move forward with your life. Although our expert attorneys can handle any case you throw our way, we specialize in three main areas.

The general term that refers to any law pertaining to any crime. The justice system is teeming with pitfalls that could trap a defendant who is not familiar with each stage of criminal prosecution. Our criminal defense attorneys have the experience you need to get you the best possible outcome.

Family law is the umbrella term for any law that deals with domestic relationships and families. This includes:

• Marriage
• Civil unions
• Domestic partnerships
• Adoption
• Surrogacy
• Child abuse
• Child abduction
• Divorce
• Annulment
• Visitation rights
• Child support payments

Our divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Catherine M. Gallagher know emotions escalate quickly when family is involved. Let our family law attorneys take the burden off your shoulders and help you with your Worcester, MA, family law court case.

Immigration law refers to any rules that govern immigration status. Rules established by the federal government regulate who is allowed to stay in the United States and for how long. These rules can be confusing for anyone without the experience needed to navigate the immigration laws in the Worcester, MA, area. The Law Offices of Catherine M. Gallagher can help you with your immigration status.

When it comes to your court case, our experts approach your situation thoughtfully and with the experience you need.


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The Law Offices of Catherine M. Gallagher is one of the leading general practice law offices in the Worcester, MA, area. Our pride comes from our consistent reliability, trustworthiness and keeping our promises. This firm goes above and beyond the normal duties of other Worcester, MA, lawyers and works hard to ensure you feel heard and protected throughout your legal issue.

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