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Criminal Lawyer, Divorce Attorney, Personal Injury

Catherine M. Gallagher is an experienced attorney who offers a wide variety of legal services including Criminal Law, Divorce and Family Law, Estate Planning, Personal Injury Law, Worker’s Compensation and Social Security Benefits.
Catherine serves as a tireless advocate for all of her clients going above and beyond for them with the service and dedication one should expect from an attorney.
Catherine is licensed to practice in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.
As a solo practitioner attorney, Catherine promises to return all calls promptly and if an emergency situation arises, Catherine's paralegal will be able to get her a message quickly and give you an estimated time of response. With Catherine you will receive the personal, individual attention you deserve in dealing with your legal matters.
Catherine offers free consultations and will meet with you, by appointment, at a time and location convenient to you. For an affordable price, Catherine will provide you with personal service that will give you confidence that your legal matters are being dealt with in a professional manner. Catherine always takes the time to explain every facet of the legal system to her clients so they understand what they can expect from their case.

Catherine M. Gallagher, Esq. - "I'm always there when you need me!"

Attorney Services:

Criminal Law

The uncertainty of facing criminal charges, whether they are motor vehicle violations or serious felonies, can be stressful. Attorney Gallagher has represented clients on a variety of criminal charges ranging from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. Click here for more information

Divorce and Family Law

Divorce is an emotional and trying experience. Attorney Gallagher will help you navigate the necessary legal steps in a caring and compassionate way. She has experience with any issue that you might encounter in your divorce proceeding including property division, visitation, custody and child support. Click here for more information.

Estate Planning

Decisions such as long term care, what to do with your children in the event of your death and who is responsible for making health care decisions if you are not capable of doing so are difficult. Attorney Gallagher can help you make advance arrangements so that you can have peace of mind. Click here for more information.

Worker's Compensation and Social Security Disability Benefits

Have you been injured at work? It’s a sad reality that some employers knowingly or unknowingly subject their employees to unsafe working conditions. Unfortunately, when this happens, workers can suffer in more ways than one. Click here for more information.

Personal Injury

When you or a family member is involved in an accident it can have lasting effects in your daily life. Dealing with insurance adjusters, medical bills and rehabilitation from injuries is stressful and can be overwhelming. Click here for information.

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